About Us

Best lost and found Department Around


We provide all pathways to recovery under one roof. We believe that for better outcomes, we use varying combinations of services. Through assessments, constant monitoring, and modification we can provide our patients a true sustainable plan for recovery.

We offer IOP, MAT, mental health services, clinicians, peer support, and trainings such as WRAP, CCAR, ASAM. We treat the family touched by addiction and specialize in the children who have lost parents to addiction and the trauma that surrounds it. 

We believe from our lived experience, and the journeys of Lisa Cohen, our Executive Director and Jennifer Klotz, our Chief Operating Officer, that treatment is only the beginning of a realization, redemption, and reinvention. We tell each person who enters our house of recovery to not look back because they are not going that way. 

 We need you. Our staff needs you. We can’t do it without you!