We can't change the wind, we can change the sail

We can and we  do recover. Our addiction takes us out of society and we are here to welcome you back! 

what we offer


Re-Entry, Recovery and Wellness Planning

◈ Comprehensive intake and assessment to determine that our center is the right fit for everyone. 

◈ MAT if evaluated and it is medically recommended which includes constant monitoring of treatment. 

◈ Clinical and Case Management. 

◈ Self Help. 

◈ Recovery Coaching.

◈ Court/Probation/Parole Liaison 

◈ Our wellness center uses nutrition, adjustments, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and other practices to ensure physical wellness. 

◈ Meditation and other spiritual practitioners who will ensure mental healing. If requested the patient’s own clergy can visit 24/7.  

◈ Relapse prevention.

Referrals for Recovery Housing

◈ Open door to any daily services to anyone waiting for a treatment bed here or any other facility.  

◈ We are a recovery family and IF AND WHEN relapse occurs we do not fire you or judge you.  

◈ Exit plan, after care, and a place to call home.  

◈ Wrap around resource center and assessment center to rectify any issues that would preclude someone from recovery.


◈ After School Programs  

◈ Resume assistance 

◈ Drug court assistance and court assistance.

◈ DWI/MVA certified driver improvement classes

◈ Second Chance Employment  

◈ Child support

◈ GED assistance and classes 

◈ Computer Lab and classes

◈ MVA Driver Education

◈ 12 Step Meetings 

◈ Back on Track education or career path program, assistance, and timeline for


Family and Support Groups

◈ Child care at all meetings and parent groups. 

◈ Opioid Survivors Group

◈ Opioid Survivors Group for Families

◈ Family navigator and peers to ensure transparency, assistance to family and loved ones. 

  ◈ Everyone leaves with a recovery network and all of our staff’s contact information and an understanding that it should be used and used often.             

◈ Parent support group limited to families here in treatment staffed with family peers and peer support.

◈ Family peer and clinical sessions.


  ◈ We never close. We understand that the willingness of someone in active addiction could be any second, day or night, and we are here to begin the road to recovery. 


Best Lost and Found Department Around

The Recovery Coalition of Maryland is dedicated to provide all components of a comprehensive continuum of care that is adapted to everyone touched by Substance Use Disorder, and to meet the changing needs amidst the current opioid crisis. We provide all pathways to recovery under one roof. We believe that for better outcomes, we use varying combinations of services. Through assessments, constant monitoring, and modification we can provide our patients a true sustainable plan for recovery.

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